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Time to get Visual

Using PowerShell gives you a simple text based console to run your commands from, but sometimes you want to jazz it up a bit or make it easier for non-techie folks to run your Cmdlets.  So how do we make it purtty? PowerShell allows the use of Windows Forms for displaying and entering information, but …

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Using Powershell to back up an SQL 2016 database and a file structure

I had a requirement recently to put together a backup that in one PowerShell script carried out a backup on both an SQL database and also a folder containing multiple pictures that were appended to on a daily basis. I have broken down the following PowerShell script into sections to allow easier explanation of the …

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Getting started with Office 365 and PowerShell


Before trying to use PowerShell with Office 365 certain libraries need to be installed on the client machine, these libraries are dependent on OS, for Windows 7 additional libraries are required before proceeding.   OS Required libraries Windows 7; Windows 7 SP1 Windows Management Framework; Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals RTW; Windows …

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